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Amplificador Autonomic

Autonomic Audio System - 3 Streams 8 Rooms 800W (pieza)

Código: 01-AU-MAS-8-3e-P

Autonomic® Audio System - 3 Streams | 8 Rooms | 800W

Deliver pure, reference quality audio with the Autonomic Audio System. This complete whole-home audio solution distributes local music libraries, in addition to the most popular online streaming services. This kit includes (1) AU-MMS-3E and (2) AU-M-401E. All Autonomic Audio System kits include the Mirage Media Controller app, available for free in the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, and Amazon App Store. With this kit, you get ultimate installation flexibility with eAudioCast. This innovative feature delivers audio-over-Ethernet, hi-res music playback, and support for popular streaming services using the home’s existing networking equipment.