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Modulador de video PVI

PVI VeCOAX 8 Channel Modulaor Blade HDMi Modulator (pieza)


The VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 is easy to use, simple to install, perfect Full HD Quality 8 Channels HDMI Video distribution solution, to convert any of your HDMI Video sources into 8 FULL HD TV Channels you can send to all your TVs using the existing TV Coaxial cables, together with any other pre-existing TV Channel.

Installation is simple, in minutes, simply connecting the VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 to your 8 HDMI Video sources and to your TV Distribution box so the signal can reach all your TVs anywhere in any room at any distance, over the existing TV Coaxial Cables.

Via the color display, You can set the wanted channel name and number per each of the VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 modules so your TVs will list your new channels with your names and in the wanted sequence and position on the TV channel list.

There is no need for any other part nor accessory on each TV, simply rescan the TV channel list on each TV to find your new VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 Full HD Channels.

Channels Expansion is always possible by simply adding more VeCOAX MINIBLADE Modules over our rack bars.

The VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 is totally noiseless - fan less, and can be installed anywhere, in the basement, in any closets, any room, anywhere, no special requirements, no limits, built with the latest Digital Television Technologies for a reliable non-stop 24/7 operation, covered by 5 Year Warranty, completely modular, independent channel by channel, zeroing any possible operation down-time, also in mission-critical applications, where a replacement module can be installed in few minutes without removing the system from the operation nor interrupting the other channels operation.  

With the VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 you have the benefits of a perfect, reliable, and simple to install HDMI video distribution solution to an unlimited number of Television sets, without requiring new cables, new wiring, parts behind TVs, perfect also for any Live Real Time video extension and distribution application such as entertainment, security, hospitality, home, commercial, professional, broadcast, medical, sport, headend video distribution, and yours.

Our units are HDMI licensed and compatible to any HDMI video source.

The VeCOAX MINIBLADE-8 is the ideal and cost effective solution to distribute any HDMI video signal up to 1080p 60 over COAX to all your TVs, delivering perfect video & sound quality for the best price, flexibility and reliability on the market.