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Amplificador Episode

Episode Amplificador ECA-70VMINI-60W 70V Digital Amplifier 60W x 1 Channel Negro (pieza)

Código: 01-ECA-70VMINI-60W

Episode® 70V Digital Amplifier, 60W with IR & RS232
Don t judge a product by its size – the Episode® 70V Digital Amplifier 60W with IR & RS232 may be small, but it packs a punch. This amplifier is perfect for boosting sound and delivering extraordinary audio quality to even the smallest of TVs in restaurants, bars, or small conference rooms, or to maximize the sound of outdoor speakers. This single-channel 70V amplifier is equipped with three inputs and an external 12VDC power supply.

Important Note:
Using Plenum Rated Products
Although the amplifier is plenum rated, the power supply provided with it is not, and must not be placed in the plenum space. Cables going to and from the amplifier must also be plenum rated if used in the plenum space. The DC power cord provided with the unit is not plenum rated.

Using the Power Supply
Only one amplifier can be connected to the power supply at a time. The total 12VDC current is 2A maximum. There is a maximum of 200mA available for the other two 12V outputs used for accessories when used in conjunction with the amplifier.


Powerful Support of 60 Watts at 70V
This versatile, single-channel amplifier supports 70V with a robust 60 Watts of power, handling multiple speakers with ease.

Simplified Command Programming via IR and RS-232 Control
Defined as a data communication device, the Episode® 70V Digital Amplifier 60W has the option to be controlled via IR and RS-232. With the control protocol we ve provided under the “Support” tab, this amplifier delivers the flexibility to function with any IR or serial control system.

Multiple Inputs; Audio-Mixing by Default
A total of three inputs enable connection to a variety of sources, including microphone input or other analog sources. An integrated mixer blends all sources by default – perfect for background music and paging applications. It also has the flexibility to select discrete input source.

Digital Volume Encoder
A digital spinning dial sends volume up and down commands to the amplifier for exceptional output volume.

LED Indicator for Streamlined Status Communication
The rear panel LED meter indicates the amplifier s operational status. A blinking red LED easily identifies if there is a wiring/connectivity fault or a dead short. The amplifier will automatically shut down the output to protect itself from further damage.

USB Port for Easy Firmware Update
With the provided USB port, firmware updates are effortless. Simply load the firmware file provided under the “Support” tab to a USB thumb drive and plug into the USB port on the amp for an automatic update. Note: Please unzip the downloaded file and store under the root folder of the thumb drive. Do not change the file name.

Plenum Rated for Flexible Installation
This amplifier meets the UL 2043 requirements for both heat and smoke release, and can be installed out-of-sight in the plenum space (such as the ceiling). The mounting ears, provided, also give it the flexibility to be easily placed in a VersaBox. Locking-type screw terminals ensure a secure connection and simplified install.

Product Package Includes
(1) Amplifier
(1) 12VDC Power Supply
(1) Detachable 6ft. IEC Power Cable
(1) 3 ft. 18 AWG 2-Conductor Wire
(8) Rubber Adhesive-Back Feet
(2) Mounting Ears for Amplifier
(2) Mounting Ears for Power Supply
(4) Module Mounting Pins
(1) Installation Manual


Rated Power: 60 Watts @ 70V / 80 ohms minimum
Distortion: THD+N less than 1%
Input Sensitivity: Unbalanced Inputs(RCA and 3.5mm) : 550mV
Balanced Input : 775mV
Input Impedance: Unbalanced Inputs(RCA and 3.5mm) : 20KΩ
Balanced Input : 40KΩ
Auto On (Audio sense) Sensitivity: 4mV
SN ratio: Unbalanced Inputs(RCA and 3.5mm) : 85dB
Balanced Input : 87dB
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20KHz
Power Input: 12V DC,2A
Power Consumption: 30W(Typical);
Input (Balanced): 6-pin screw terminal (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
Input (Stereo): 3.5mm
Input (Unbalanced): 2-pin screw terminal (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
IR Receiver(IN): 3-pin screw terminal (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
RS232: 6-pin screw terminal (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
Speaker Output: 2-pin screw terminal with locker (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
Power Input: 2-pin screw terminal with locker (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
Dimensions: w/o Mounting Ears : 8”W x 6.3”H x 1.75”D
w/ Mounting Ears : 10.5”W x 6.3”H x 1.75”D
Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
Certification: TUV Under UL 60065, TUV Under UL 2043, CE, FCC
Power Supply
AC Main Input: 100Vac - 240Vac, 1A, 50Hz - 60Hz
DC Current Output: 2A
Power Inlet: IEC C14 Male Inlet
Speaker Outlet: 6-pin screw terminal with locker (Max wire gauge: 12 AWG)
Dimensions: w/o Mounting Ears : 5.1”W x 4.2”H x 1.75”D
w/ Mounting Ears : 6.7”W x 4.2”H x 1.75”D
Weight: 1 Lbs.
Certification: TUV, CE, FCC