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Selector de Altavozs Episode

Episode Selector de Altavoz ESS-6-BLK Speaker Selector with Amplifier Protection - 6 Pairs Negro (pieza)

Código: 01-ESS-6-BLK

Episode Electronics 6 Pair Speaker Selector with Amplifier Protection, Black
Use this high-quality selector to connect up to six pairs of speakers.

Removable tool-less connectors - No screwdriver required
Just insert the stripped wire and snap the connector closed for a secure, reliable connection. Accommodates up to 14 gauge wire.

Switchable, resistor based, amplifier protection circuit
Just press the amplifier protection switch and you're protected from low impedance loads that could overheat or damage your amplifier.

100 Watts Continuous, 200 Watts Peak Power Handling
High power handling allows the ESS-6 to be used with powerful amps such as the Episode EA-AMP-12D-70 stereo 70 Watt amplifier, or even a more powerful amp such as the Episode EA-AMP-2D-150 when used with the impedance protection activated on the ESS-6.

All metal construction with non-skid, non-marking feet
Solid construction makes the ESS-6 feel like a true audio component not a cheap accessory. The special feet will keep the ESS-6 steady and won't leave marks on other components or furniture.

Lifetime Warranty
Don't risk your client's satisfaction (and your time on service calls) with anything less than the highest quality

1-3/4"H x 11-1/4"W x 7"D

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