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Conector Binary

Binary Conector BC5-BNC-RG59 BNC Male Compression Connector for Standard and Quadshield RG59 -75 Ohm Bag of 20 (pieza)

Código: 01-BC5-BNC-RG59

Binary BNC Male Compression Connector for RG59 Quadshield - 75 Ohm (Bag of 20)
Binary Connectors will work with Liberty, Pro-Connect, and Connect-Tech Compression Tools

Quick Connect
Quick connect compression connector design.

Small circular opening in the body helps you know when the wire is in far enough and ready to crimp.

75 Ohm

Rated at 75 Ohm.

Nickel & Black-Nickel
Sturdy metal construction for years of trouble free performance.
Color bands

Used for easy identification of individual cables within a bundle of common cables.

Note: We provide the RG59 Quad connector because it works well on both Quad-shield and standard RG59 cable. While the RG59 standard connector will not fit onto the Quad shield cables very well, we made this choice so you can stock only one SKU for RG59 whether you are using standard or Quad cables.