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Cable Coaxial Wirepath

Wirepath RG59 Coaxial Cable - 1000 ft. Spool in Box (pieza) Negro

Código: 01-SP-RG59-1000-BLK

Wirepath™ RG59 Coaxial Cable - 1000 Ft. Spool in Box

Featuring the best box in the industry, this Wirepath™ RG59 20-Gauge Solid Copper Coax Cable makes the job easier. Our tough box features reinforced handles and water-resistant coating for your convenience. Featuring easy-to-strip jackets and a 20-gauge oxygen-free copper core, this wire won’t let you down. Wirepath Bulk Wire – tough in all the right places.


It's All in the Box

From stronger, more durable handles, to a tangle window you'll never need, to a payout tube that lets you access your wire without breaking a pinky, this box is where it's at. As an added bonus, it's water resistant, tape-free and practically indestructible. A box this good is bound to put a smile on your face.


Free Shipping

Wire is heavy and can be pretty darn expensive to ship. That’s why we’ve decided to handle those pesky shipping fees for you. All Partner Rewards Members receive free shipping on every order. Plus, orders placed before 7pm are shipped out the same day. So go ahead and order a whole mess of wire – the shipping’s on us.


Box Dimensions
13.2" x 13.2" x 8.7"
RoHS Compliant, UL Listed, Ft4 Rated, CMG Rated
1,000 Ft.
Length (Metric)
304.8 M
20-Gauge Solid Copper inner conductor, 100% bonded foil tape - 95% aluminum copper braid. Oxygen Free Cables (manufactured in an oxygen free environment) Drastically reduces signal distortion for unrivaled audio clarity using 99.9997% oxygen free conduct
Spool in Box
Sold As
38.6 lbs