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Luma Surveillance™ Analog Dome Angle Mount

The best multi-purpose camera mount! Offset your dome camera with our low-profile angle mount to get that perfect 90° view straight down the wall. This angle mount compensates for dome limitations by angling the camera so it can look straight down—without installing an arm or more appliances to the wall. It also allows you to mount a dome under an eave in order to keep that wide-angle view. It’s the perfect storage space, housing shell, and mount, all in one.


Important Note - Should not be used with Wirepath Surveillance cameras. Only compatible with Luma 300, 500, or 700-series analog dome cameras.


Color-Matched Construction

Our mounts provide a color-matched, finished look and a simple install on every project. And because they’re made from cast aluminum instead of plastic, they blow generic retail versions out of the water in terms of durability and tamper resistance.


The Full 90° Slope

This mount adds an additional 13 degrees to the viewing angle of a dome camera to eclipse 90 degrees - perfect for situations where you want to point straight down or straight out when installing under a roof eave or on a wall.