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Luma Surveillance™ Dome Arm Mount

If you're struggling to attach a camera to a J-box, trying to overcome limited off-axis viewing, or just looking for a convenient place to protect wires from the elements, this versatile arm mount delivers a fast, clean installation for Luma dome cameras. With a hinged front plate, you’ll have easy access to wiring without the usual one-handed balancing act on a ladder.

Important Note - Should not be used with Wirepath Surveillance cameras. Only compatible with Luma 300, 500, or 700-series analog dome cameras as well as the Luma 500 or 700 series IP dome cameras.


Color-Matched Construction

Our mounts provide a color-matched, finished look and a simple install on every project. And because they’re made from cast aluminum instead of plastic, they blow generic retail versions out of the water in terms of durability and tamper resistance.


Get A Little Unhinged

After installing the arm mount, you can unscrew the hinged front plate, freeing up your hands in order to make your terminations easy! Our unique removable hinge door design puts an end to fumbling at the top of a ladder. This time, you can actually mount the camera to the door while standing on the ground.


Interchangeable Pipe Lengths

Standard NPT conduit coupling gives you installation flexibility. If you want to install this cap on a different mount, two included thread adapters transition you to a smaller or larger base. (It can also be mounted on NPT pipe threads, however the pipe may not bottom out completely due to the difference in pitch between NPT pipe threads and NPT conduit threads.)


Mounting Accessories

This mount must be used with a Luma dome cap in order to securely install a camera. Pendant, pole, and angle mounts are also sold separately.