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Luma SurveillancePole Mount (pieza) Blanco

Código: 01-LUM-MNT-POLE-WH

Luma Surveillance™ Pole Mount (White)
Our new pole mount is compatible with all Luma dome and bullet cameras. Expandable pole clamps allow for a customizable install, while the hole pattern of the faceplate even allows for multiple use cases. You can even attach an arm mount to the plate, if you get inspired!


Important Note: Should not be used with Wirepath Surveillance cameras. Only compatible with Luma 300, 500, or 700-series analog dome and bullet cameras.

Color-Matched Construction

Our mounts provide a color-matched, finished look and a simple install on every project. And because they re made from cast aluminum instead of plastic, they blow generic retail versions out of the water in terms of durability and tamper resistance.

Expandable Pole Clamps

No more fumbling with zip ties or trying to screw a plate into place at an awkward angle. This customizable and user-friendly design simplifies your install. Expandable pole clamps fit poles of various sizes, and a simple screw tab makes it easy to change ring diameter. The hole pattern of the faceplate even allows for multiple use cases – you can attach an arm mount to the plate. The choice is yours!