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WirepathSurveillance Mini Microphone 12V DC Amplified (pieza)

Código: 01-WPS-ACC-MIC

Mini Microphone 12V DC Amplified

Hear what you've been missing with this analog camera microphone accessory. Pre-terminated connections make for a speedy install while the compact microphone can be discretely hidden from view. Please note that the microphone must be powered with 12VDC - not compatible with 24V systems. This product is designed for use with analog cameras only.

Important Note - Please check local regulations prior to installing audio monitoring and recording equipment.

Powered Mic

This microphone features an integrated amplifier to reduce noise and give you clearer audio. For easy power management, there is a female input and a male output so you can easily add it in-line with the camera to simlify the installation.

Listen Remotely

When integrating this microphone with Wirepath DVRs, not only will the audio be recorded alongside the video but you can listen remotely as well! Just launch the Wirepath app on your iPhone, Android or through Internet Explorer then select a camera to monitor live video and audio.