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Binary 300 Series USB 1.1 Cat 5e/6 Extender Balun Kit - 280 ft

Código: 01-B-300-USB1-CATX

Binary™ 300 Series USB 1.1 Cat 5e/6 Extender Balun Kit - 280 ft

When you need to extend a USB signal in commercial environments, there’s no better way than with a Binary™ CAT5e/6 balun kit. These baluns are perfect for connecting USB 1.1 devices such as Smart-boards, keyboards, and mouse devices to a computer or server. Plus, they allow you to use plenum rated UTP cable up to 85M (279 ft.) to reliably extend USB signals through conduit or in ceilings.

Important Note - This balun set is designed for USB 1.1 devices only – such as mouse devices, keyboards, and interactive white boards. For high-speed USB 2.0 devices, we recommend our USB2 product line.

Interactive Whiteboard Approved

These handy balun kits are specifically designed and tested to work with interactive whiteboards or “Smart-boards.” Featuring circuitry specifically designed to deliver the power and “oomph” needed for interactive whiteboards, these kits make simple, reliable, worry-free connections every time. Note: Due to the higher power requirements of interactive whiteboards and overlays, 40M (131 ft.) is the maximum distance recommended for use with these devices.

Plug and Play

Since these convenient baluns get all the power they need from the host PC connection, there’s no need for an additional power supply.

No Drivers Required

These kits provide a transparent USB connection, so there’s no need for drivers or software.

Optimum Performance

Engineered utilizing the most premium components, these baluns deliver optimum performance for years to come.


Power Connection Type
Buss Powered
Transmission Distance
279 Ft. (85M)
Local Extender: USB-A 18" Pigtail Plug, RJ45; Remote Extender: USB-A 6" Pigtail Receptacle, RJ45;
Dimensions (W x H x D)
3.34" x 1.57" x 0.98"
Operating Temperature
32°F - 122°F