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Módulo de Datos Wirepath

Wirepath Módulo de Video WP-MOD-DATA8X8 8 x 8 RJ45 Data Patch Module Negro (pieza)

Código: 01-WP-MOD-DATA8X8

Wirepath™ 1x8 Telephone Expansion Module for Distributing Four Lines to Eight Additional Locations
The WP-MOD-TELEXP8 is a convenient expander for either the WP-MOD-COMBOVT or WP-MOD-TEL1X6 modules. It provides termination for up to 4 lines for telephone in up to 8 rooms. Standard color-coded .110 punch down terminals and RJ-45 expansion ports make this a fast installation.

Fits most cans.
The WP-MOD-TELEXP8 has universal mounting capability that allows you to use this in almost every structured wire can.

Fast expansion.
The expansion port allows simple and quick telephone daisy-chains using additional WP-TELEXP8 modules.

Industry standard simplicity.
Terminals are color-coded for fast and easy punch down.

6.5" (with tabs) x 2.75" x 1"
RoHS Compliant