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Gabinete para Pared Wirepath

Wirepath Gabinete para Pared WP-ONE-DOOR-40 ONE Enclosure Door 40" Blanco (pieza)

Código: 01-WP-ONE-DOOR-40

Wirepath ONE™ Enclosure Door 40 in.
Wirepath ONE™ Enclosure Doors have been designed to simplify and organize structured wiring solutions in response to the ever-increasing need for more technology in our homes. While electronics have become more advanced, the hub for housing them hasn't - until now. We designed and engineered our media enclosure doors to enable integrators to have ultimate flexibility in each installation without having to buy a bunch of additional organizing brackets or shelves. Instead these handy doors stand off the wall, giving you approximately 3 inches of extra room for equipment. We've also included a mounting platform with our 14, 20 & 28 inch doors and two platforms with the 40 inch. These platforms have the capability of providing two different orientations between the platform and the door. You can use 'em to add equipment, separate equipment, section off areas of the installation so things don't get touched that shouldn't be (cable & satellite), or just to organize your wires. Plus, if needed, you can add a Wirepath ONE™ Shelf to the platform for even more organization. They're everything enclosure doors should be. Wirepath ONE™ - welcome to the future of structured wiring.

Clear Signal
Each of our Wirepath ONE™ Doors is made of ABS UL94V/0 material with an attractive and discrete smoked plexiglass window. This helps to eliminate frustrating wireless signal loss that can be caused by standard enclosure doors and looks pretty darn good, too.

A Platform You Can Get Behind
Our Wirepath ONE™ Doors easily accommodate our two-position platforms. These handy platforms are fully reversible - just spin them around and put them where you need them. For simple space savings within your enclosure, attach a Wireless Access Point (WAP), router, or modem to your door using an optional shelf or standard zip ties. (Our 40" shelf comes with two platforms, all other models come with one platform.)

Easy On-the-Wall Install
There's nothing more annoying than having to install a new enclosure because you couldn't find a door to fit the existing one or you needed just a tiny bit of extra room. To make things easy, our Wirepath ONE™ door attaches directly to the drywall rather than the enclosure itself. This gives you the flexibility to retrofit it over an existing enclosure, plus it gives you approximately 3 inches of space. As an added bonus, this door provides additional storage options, eliminating the need for a bigger enclosure as your homeowner grows out of their existing one. Goodness gracious, we thought of everything!

Cool Running
Each door features openings on the top and bottom for ample venting so your components can stay cool. Plus, there's enough space through each slot to run a trunk line if needed.

This Way or That Way
Need a change of direction? Swing is easily reversed by flipping these doors' hinges to the other side of the bezel and then flopping their locks over.



Unit of measure (pair, each, pack of 10) Each
Construction (Material, Welds, Paint) ABS, UL94V-0
Unit Dimensions 17.91"W x 41.96"H x 2.94"D
2-Position Mounting Platform 2
Hardware Pack 1