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Infrarrojos Episode

Episode Infrarrojo KIT-IRF2-20 Electronics Dual IR Flasher with LED Feedback - (20 pack)

Código: 01-KIT-IRF2-20

Episode® Electronics Dual IR Flasher with LED Feedback (20 Pack Bag, Ships in 1 Bag)
Our IR flashers are some of the smallest on the market, which means they can be installed virtually anywhere. They feature convenient LEDs that indicate when signals are being transmitted – so you never have to guess – and they are compatible with virtually any IR repeater. Covers are included, and each flasher is backed with self-adhesive tape for easy install on any surface.

You Asked, We Listened
You asked for it and we heard you. Your favorite IR Flashers are now available in convenient bulk packs so you can rest assured that you ll always have one in stock or on your truck.

Compact Size for Easy Installation
Episode IR flashers are some of the smallest on the market and can be installed virtually anywhere.

Adhesive Backed
Each flasher is backed with self-adhesive tape to allow installation to any solid surface.

LED Feedback
Each IR flasher has a visible LED that indicates when it is transmitting an IR signal allowing for easy troubleshooting of the system.

Compatible with Virtually any IR Repeater
Each IR Flasher has a 3.5mm plug for easy connection to most IR repeaters.

IR Flasher Covers Included
Each IR Flasher comes with a convenient adhesive backed flasher cover to control IR flasher emissions.

3/8" x 1" x 3/8"
1/8 in. MONO Jack with 2-Conductor Wire
10 ft. of Cable
Flasher Covers
Additional Double-Sided Tape

Comparable Products:
Niles MF1VF, Russound 845.1, Xantech 283M

Troubleshooting Guide - IR Flashers

Problem: Cable box responds erratically or skips channels. Cable box remote works only when close to IR receiver. Extra delay between channel or volume changes.


Products Affected:



Solution: SnapAV flashers are very strong and the output signal that may be overpowering some components.

Place the flasher on a nearby surface. Under a shelf or on the opposite door if in a cabinet or closet. Masking tape can be used under the flasher to help minimize the effect. Depending on the component a piece of electrical tape with a pinhole will also work well.

This same symptom may be also caused by a “Double flash”. A IR receiver is triggered by the same signal a millisecond apart. This is mostly caused by the flasher of a nearby component or a reflection off a light colored surface. This will confuse some component IR receivers and cause them to temporarily “freeze” or lock up.

This can be remedied by using the flasher cover included with the IRF-1 and IRF-2. Some components have a very large area of IR receiver that will not be covered by the IRF covers included. Black electrical Tape or a similar covering will block any stray IR.

Check the component manuals for the IR receiver locations and size.