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Altavoz Central Jamo

Jamo aesthetic series center speaker (pieza) negro

Código: 07-A 3 CEN.4 BK


  • Danish design center channel speaker

  • Detailed vocal/dialogue reproduction for your favorite music and movies

  • Part of A 3 home theater system

  • White/black/silver finish options


With a compact size and attractive shape that looks great with any new generation flatscreen, the A 3 CEN.4 is the ideal center channel unit. Approximately the size of two A 320 speakers placed end to end, it has been specifically designed to work with either the A 320 or A 340 compact satellites. The flat design makes the A 3 CEN.4 speakers a suitable match for nearly any room. The ingenious bracket can be used to mount the speaker on a wall, or as a stand, if the speaker is to be placed on a shelf. The bracket can also tilt the speaker upward or downward to aim the sound toward the listening position, whether the speaker is placed above or below the screen


Despite the small size of A 3 CEN.4, it features a two-way closed, shielded system, with two 3.75-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter to reproduce mid- and upper range frequencies with full fidelity. The result is very natural sounding vocals and instrumentation quality-which is essential, as the center speaker reproduces the dialogue in a movie.

The high-style Jamo A 3 CEN.4 is packed with high-performance features:

  • Electric overload protection, eliminates overheating

  • A low-loss crossover for reduced distortion and higher sensitivity

  • Magnetic shielding to eliminate television interference

Discreet, elegant design. Big, lifelike sound. The A 3 series has something for everyone.