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Control de Altavozs Jamo

Jamo Volume Control (pieza) blanco

Código: 07-AT-101 WH

The AT-101 is a rotary-type button volume control housed in a decorator plate. It has 12 positions with the lowest position as off. The AT-101 is a popular choice wherever users would prefer to have the volume control in one area, with the source in a different place. 

The AT-101 has a number of jumper settings for different impedance and for the number of connected speakers. It can handle up to 64 pairs of speakers when impedance matching instructions are followed*. It is available in white, ivory, almond and black. * To maintain an optimum volume level, Jamo does not recommend connecting more than 16 pairs on a single switch.


Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB)    35-20,000
System Type    Volume Control
Finish    White, Ivory, Black, Almond
Power Rating    wRMS, music, peak ( 50/150/300)