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Micrófonos AKG

AKG Micrófonos CGN341E Reference gooseneck microphone DAM+ set Negro (pieza)

Código: 05-CGN341E

The CGN341 E DAM+ set is a Discreet Acoustics Modular Plus tabletop microphone set that provides the components needed to handle a wide range of applications with the flexibility to cover a variety of situations. It features the CK41 Reference Cardioid Condenser Microphone Capsule, the W40 M windscreen, the GN30 M Reference DAM+ series gooseneck module and the PAE M Reference Phantom Power Module. The CK41 offers a wide cardioid polar patter and a speech optimized studio quality frequency response. It s especially suited for inexperienced or very vivacious speakers and applications where more than one person uses the microphone in turn.

The whole set is extremely slim, but still rugged and features an LED ring that indicates whether the phantom power is on or off. The PAE M phantom power module provides a gold-plated XLR connector and a 250Hz bass roll off to minimize structure-borne noise.

The included windscreen uses a double layer wire mesh, eliminating literally all wind and pop noise issues.

Extremely rugged gooseneck construction
for extra-long life, reliability and stability

Cardioid polar pattern
eliminates noise from behind the mic

125° pickup angle
for inexperienced or lively speakers

Highly reliable contacts on capsule, gooseneck and power module
prevents contact problems and ensures long life

Studio quality frequency response
for the best audio performance possible in that field


Audio frequency bandwidth 50 to 20000 Hz
Equivalent Noise Level 30 dB-A
Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 64 dB-A
Polar Patterns
Powering Interface
Voltage 9 to 52 V
Current 3 mA
Audio Output
Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Body Metal
Finish Matte black
Dimensions / Weight
Length 380 mm
Height 380 mm
Diameter 6 - 20 mm
Net Weight 160 g