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Episode Surge Stand Alone 450W|825VA UPS with RJ45/RJ11 and RG6 - 8 Outlets (pieza)Negro

Código: 01-EP-400-UPS-8PS-825

Episode® 8-Outlet Stand Alone Uninterruptible Power Supply Combo with RJ45/RJ11 & RG6 (825VA - 450W -1030J) Green Power

How About A UPS Product Designed With The Installer In Mind?

The Episode® Power UPS (EP-400-UPS-8PS-825) and surge protection product line was specified and designed with the installer in mind. Whether your working on a home theater or a whole house system, this model has the features most requested in the industry. We took a commercial UPS product and stuffed it with the essentials for an audio, video, and whole house system integration installation. For example, this unit comes with automatic voltage regulation, a stronger battery than the commercial grade, and AC outlets, spaced for transformer plugs, that can handle 825VAC. We've added keyhole mounting slots and enlarged the LCD display for easy visibility behind equipment and entertainment centers. Plus the assurance of 1030 Joules of surge/lightning protection, backed with our protection guarantee.

Protect Against Voltage Fluctuations with Automatic Voltage Regulation Technology
Keep equipment operating safely with a UPS power strip with AVR. This unit will automatically provide battery back-up power if the line voltage drops below 90 volts and will decrease output voltage if the line voltage exceeds 140 volts.

Green Automatic Voltage Regulation Management Meets Snap's GEMtech Criteria
The patented energy savings design cuts the units energy costs up to 75% compared to the conventional UPS circuit with AVR. Conventional UPS systems pass power through an AVR transformer to provide normal output voltage to protected devices. This method is highly inefficient, resulting in excessive energy costs and unwanted heat. By contrast, the circuitry in our unit bypasses the transformer when utility power is normal. As a result, the unit uses less energy and emits less heat. When utility power is abnormal, the unit operates like a normal UPS with the AVR feature. Since utility power operates normally 88% of the time, the unit operates in the cost cutting mode. We estimate you can easily save over $56 per year on your electricity bill.


What is GEMtech™?
Green Energy Management technology is a stringent product design criteria established by SnapAV that focuses on energy savings through active energy management circuitry. Specifics on certified products and GEMtech™ performance standards are available on our web site here.

Guaranteed Lightning & Surge Protection
As long as you own the product, our connected equipment guarantee will last a lifetime. We will repair or replace up to $125,000 of properly connected equipment if it is ever damaged by a surge, including surges due to lighting strikes.



Large Liquid Crystal Display
Use the MODE button to toggle between different read outs on the large easy to read display.
These read out are:

  • Input Voltage Level
  • Output Voltage Level
  • Battery Capacity
  • Estimated Runtime
  • Load Level


Liquid Crystal Display Icons For:

  • On Battery Mode
  • Overload Condition
  • Fault Condition
  • Silent Mode is active

Auto-Shut Down Software Included
Product includes software that saves open files and automatically shuts down your computer when the power is interrupted. Plus it is compatible with latest Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

USB Port To Personal Computer
Connectivity port allows the unit to communicate with any personal computer.


Broadband Network Protection Ports With Wiring Fault Indicator light
Communication protection port will protect any phone, Fax, modem, and DSL broadband network.


Comes With 8 Power Outlets (4-surge only & 4-surge with battery backup)
All outlets provide surge protection, with four including battery backup. Two of the surge outlets and two of the surge/battery outlets are spaced for transformer plugs.


Mounting Flexibility For The Custom Installer
This unit can rest vertically or horizontally, plus the product has keyhole slots molded into the back of the unit for wall mounting.



  • Product
  • Manual
  • Wall Mount Template
  • Power Panel Personal Edition Software
  • RG59/U 75 ohm coaxial cable, 4 ft.
  • USB cable, A+B type, 6 ft.
  • RJ11 telephone cable, 6 ft.


Product Information
Unit of measure: Each
Product Dimensions: 11" x 6.6" x 3.4" (LxWxH)
Weight: 14 lbs.
Color: Charcoal
Cable Length (Ft): 6
Keyhole Mounting Slots: Yes
Operating Temperature: 32ºF to 95ºF (0ºC to 40ºC)
Operating Humidity: 0%-90% non condensing
Storage Temperature: 5ºF to 113ºF (-15ºC to 45ºC)


Episode Power

Episode Power


Episode® 8-Outlet Stand Alone UPS Combo with RJ45/RJ11 & RG6 (825VA - 450W -1030J) GreenPower

RJ11 / RJ45 Combo
Coaxial NO. of Pairs: 1
COAXIALGold Plated "F" Connectors: Yes
Coax/Cable/DSS Surge Protection: Yes
Coaxial Insertion Loss: < 1 dB (rated for DSS)(up to 2.2 GHz)/td>
Coaxial HD 1080p Ready: Yes
Coaxial Breakdown Voltage: 300V
Coaxial Bidirectional: Yes
RJ11 / RJ45 Combo
Number. of Connectors: 2 (1-in, 1-out)
Clamping Level: 310 V for RJ11 6.8 V for RJ45
Plug Type: Nema5-15P
Plug Style: Right Angle
Resettable Circuit Breaker: Yes
Number of Total Outlets: 8
Number of Surge Protection Outlets: 8
Number of Surge & Battery Backup Outlets: 4
Maximum Current: 15A
Maximum Wattage Rating (Watts): 450View Chart
Line Voltage (VAC): 90 - 140
Battery Voltage (VAC): 120 +/- 5%
Line Frequency (Hz): 60 +/- 3
Battery Frequency (Hz): 60+/-1%
Battery Waveform: Simulated Sine wave
Overload Protection: Internal circuitry limiting / circuit breaker
TRANSIENT RESPONSE TIME (ms): < 4 millisecond
Surge Protection & Filtration
Single Pulse Energy Dissipation (Joules): 1030
Runtime at Half Load(min): 8View Chart
Runtime at Full Load (min): 2
Typical Recharge Time (Hours): 8
Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Size: 12V/9AH
User Replaceable: Yes
Battery Qty: 1
Safety Compliance
UL 498 LISTED (Attachment plugs and receptacles): yes
Management & Communication Specifications
Multifunction LCD Diagnostic Display: Contains a toggle status display which includes current/load level, runtime, battery level, input voltage, output voltage, battery in use, overload, silent mode, and normal mode
Cable Type: USB
Human Interface Device (HID) USB Port: yes
LED Indicators: Power On Wiring Fault
Audible Alarms: Battery On, Battery Low, Battery Overload
Software: PowerPanel® Personal Edition Software version 1.3 (9Mb) click here.
Operating Systems: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and Server 2008

Apple Mac OS X uses system energy management interface.
Click Here.