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WattBox Power Conditioner (Chassis) + Faceplate Kit 12 Outlets (pieza)Negro

Código: 01-KIT-WB-600-SVCE-12

WattBox™ 12-Outlet Sequencing Power Conditioner with Faceplate Display Kit
This kit includes two individually sold products – the WB-600-SVCE-12 Power Conditioner and the WB-600-FP faceplate – that together offer an innovative surge protection and power conditioning solution. The patent-pending, form-fit design of the Wattbox provides almost limitless mounting options and much more flexibility than competitive single-chassis models. You get simple back of rack management – so outlets go where you need them – and the faceplate can be positioned almost anywhere, regardless of where the power conditioner resides. This smart kit is specifically designed to meet customer installation s everyday challenges, and it s sure to make you smile.