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Modulador de video PVI

PVI VeCOAX High Density 2 Channel expandable HDMi to COAX HD RF Modulator (pieza)


The VeCOAX ULTRA-2 is a two channels hdmi to coax digital TV channels hdmi modulator to convert 2 simultaneous hdmi Full HD Video signals from any HDMI video source into two Full HD HDTV digital television channels you can inject over the existing tv coaxial distribution box and distribute to all television sets in every room at any distance, with real time perfect quality. 
The VeCOAX ULTRA-2 comes with the most ultimate sets of features today on the market so you can connect any type of HDMI Video Sources, closed captioning, and set the output to your TVs deciding your channels names and numbers to list, any air or cable mode, all if few clicks from the easy to use front panel color display and keyboard or remote control from your PC.
Installation is very simple, in minutes, by recalling the wanted preset in one click from the many available, you can always customize as you need.
Multiple units can also be installed together to expand the number of distributed HDMI channels, by setting a different ID number on each VeCOAX ULTRA, so our software will automatically set all the parameters for you in one click.
Built with the latest Digital Television Technologies for quiet and non-stop 24/7 operation, the VeCOAX ULTRA-2 maintenance is covered by 5 Year Warranty, and is completely modular, independent channel by channel, zeroing any possible operation down-time, also in mission-critical applications, where a replacement card can be installed in few minutes without removing the system from the operation.
With the VeCOAX ULTRA-2 you have the benefits of a perfect, reliable, and simple to install HDMI video distribution solution to an unlimited number of Television sets, without requiring new cables, special wiring, nor multiple parts behind each TV, because the VeCOAX ULTRA-2 can drive your TVs directly and in real time without any additional part to install.
Automation Systems can also be implemented by changing the channel on the wanted TV, as well the source control, and the VeCOAX will deliver your signals as you need.
Our units are HDMI licensed and compatible to any HDMI video source.
The VeCOAX ULTRA-2 is the ideal and cost effective solution to distribute any HDMI video signal up to 1080p 60 over COAX to all your TVs, delivering perfect video & sound quality for the best price on the market.

Key Features

•Converts up to Two HDMI video sources into 2 HDTV Channels you can distribute and watch through the existing TV distribution box on All TVs
•HDMI licensed and compatible to any HDMI video source for perfect full digital video quality & sound, with Live - Real Time distribution
•Simple One-Click setup, installs in few minutes anywhere via front panel color display. Any standard ATSC QAM DVBT ISDBT DTMB, Any channel.
•Delivers perfect, real time, video quality & sound up to 1080p and dolby audio, ideal for any Live and HDMI distribution applications
•Plug 'n Play HDMI Video Distribution system, drives directly unlimited TVs with perfect quality at any distance, no other parts need