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Accesorio de Rack Strong

Strong Accesorio FK-120-4 Cool Components 120MM Fan Kit with Power Supply-4 Fans (pieza)

Código: 01-FK-120-4

Cool Components™ Four 120MM Fan Kit with Power Supply
When four simple fans are needed, the FK-120-4 are top quality, DC fans with a special levitation bearing system that 'floats' the spindle so there isn't direct contact between the spindle and bearings, resulting in quiet and long lasting operation. Having the advantage of being DC fans, there is more control options for the fans with the variable DC power supply that comes with it.

Important Note:This fan is only compatible with the Strong Contractor Series Racks (SR-CS-RACK).

Tip: When installing to rack top plate it is much easier to do before fully assembling the rack.

Aggressive Circulation
Instead of passively allowing the component to cool, the four fans speed up the process by acting like a heat sink and pull the hot air away from the component which promotes longer lasting equipment. The addition of the four front blowers provide even more exhaust out

Variable Voltage Power Supply
Each unit comes with a variable AC to DC voltage regulator. This means that you can switch the fan from 7 - 12V and control the speed of the fan for to the specific situation.

With special high-tensile rubber that acts as a damping system, you can adjust the direction of the fan to either pull air out or push air in - which allows you to pull air up and away if sitting on top or down and away if component is on top.

This unit is compatible with the TC-ALT, for when you want to let the temperature itself control the speed of the fan and use less power when possible.

Package Includes:
Power Supply (PS-1000)
(2) Y-splitter
(16) Rubber Pin

Connection:  2-Pin FastWire Power System
Voltage:  7 to 12V DC
Current - Amp: 960 milliamps at 12VDC
Noise Level silent ~ 37 dBA (max)
AirFlow Up to 300 CFM
Dimensions Width: 4.75" Height: 5.75" Depth: 1", each fan
Weight 4 lbs.
Fans (Quantity) (4) 120mm Brushless Levitation Fans with Vapo-Bearings™