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Strong Accesorio PK-CV1-WHT Cool Components Cabinet Vent Fan Package -Blanco (pieza)

Código: 01-PK-CV1-WHT

ool Components Cabinet Vent Fan Package (White)
A cool component is a more reliable component, that s why every cabinet needs this Vent Fan Package. It quickly moves hot air away from equipment to protect from overheating, which can lead to product failure. Easily reconfigure the fans to bring in cool air or exhaust hot air – whatever the install requires. They feature brushless fans for minimal noise and maximum longevity, plus the included variable voltage DC power supply can be used to control fan speed for fine tuning. Installation is as easy as using a simple 3 ¼ hole saw, and the devices are completely self-contained, meaning there s no ducts or other parts to work around.

  • Variable Voltage Power Supply
    Each unit comes with a 5-12VDC power supply that allows you to tailor the speed from a gasp to a gale.

Quiet Operation
The maximum decibel level reached (12V setting) is around 22 db, or just louder than a whisper – ensuring that this unit operates almost silently in any setting.

Easy Compatibility
This unit is compatible with the TC-ALTv2, for when you want to let the temperature itself control the speed of the fan and use less power when possible.

Note: For maximum performance, the TC-ALTv2 is designed to be used with products that contain a regulated power supply. This product contains an unregulated power supply, and therefore a full 12V is not supported. The maximum variable voltage must be set to 9V or less.

Package Includes:
Two fan units (VS-CV)
Power Supply (PS-300)
Mounting Screws

Power Specifications Connection - 2-Pin FastWire Power System
Voltage - 5-12V
Current - 40 milliamps at 12V DC
Noise Level Silent to ~22 dba (Max)
AirFlow 10.2 CFM (Max)
Dimensions Width: 3 5/8 Height: 3 5/8 Depth: 2 5/8 (9.2cm x 9.2 x 6.7)
Weight 0.4
Fans (Quantity) 2 - 50mm x 15mm Brushless Magnetic Levitation Fan (Est. 50,000 hrs.)