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Strong Rack Blank Panels Height 2U (pieza)Negro

Código: 01-SR-BLNK-2U

Strong™ Rack Blank Panel 2U
This 2U blank isn't just another pretty face. OK, yes it is - but it's also a strategic tool in the creation of a professionally configured and trimmed out equipment rack. Not only does it hide unsightly wires, but it is also a necessity to maintain proper airflow around the equipment above and below.

Room to Breathe
Effective thermal management is the key to long-term system reliability. This solid blank plate allows for proper airflow above and below components and is a necessity when using active ventilation with our optional XXXX fan kit.

Rack Management
Use blanks to provide extra spacing in your rack between components to secure and hide power supplies, baluns, modules and other elements that need to reside in the rack but not be seen.

Back Mounting Plates
What's good for the front, is good for the back! Mount these plates to the back and use a self-tapping screw or zip ties to install power strips or other small components directly to it.

Deep Black Color
We know you take pride in your rack installations and so do many of your customers. That's why this product features a rich, scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that matches all our racks and accessories. It's OK if you want to show it off - we feel the same way too!

Unit of measure (pair, each, pack of 10) Each
Construction (Material, Welds, Paint) 18 Gauge Steel, Powder Coated Black
Unit Dimensions .43" H x 3.50" W x 19.02" D
Weight (lbs) 1.19