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Rack de acero Strong

Strong Rack SR-CAB-10U In-Cabinet Racks - 18" Depth, Height 10U Negro (pieza)

Código: 01-SR-CAB-10U

Strong™ Rack 10U In-Cabinet Rack
Sure, you could just stack gear into a cabinet or place it on shelves... But for an easier and more professional looking installation, use this discreet 10U in-cabinet rack. It s improved design makes it perfect for a built-in cabinet in the living room, boardroom or light commercial applications. Plus with the optional SR-RACKSLIDE-300 you can easily access the rear panels of the equipment for wiring and servicing – and thanks to a reduced rack depth, you get full rotation to ensure that reaching equipment is a breeze.

Full Rack Rotation
Using a rack slide is great, but if it doesn t allow the rack to rotate completely, it s only doing half of its job. That s why we reduced the cabinet depth on this rack by two inches – so it clears the end of the cabinet and allows for full rotation – even when set back to 1.5 inches. Access gear quickly and easily, with no overhang issues.

“Rail” Smart
Have you ever gotten to the end of a rack build only to find that the last piece of gear was off by one “U”? (not that we've ever done that) Shuffling everything around to make it fit can be a real pain… That s why we silk screened all the rails and in both... directions! So whether you re installing from the top down, on the front, or on the back, you ll always know the equipment is going into the right location.

Durable, Jet Black Finish
Speaking of installing equipment… traditional powder-coating processes can clog threads in the rails, making it difficult to get the screws in. Our rack rails use an electrocoating, or “e-coating”, process that is every bit as durable as powder-coating and up to 60% thinner for a perfect fit and jet black finish each and every time! The top and bottom covers complement the rails with a durable color-matched, powder-coated finish.

“Strong” Build Quality
When it comes to the strength of your rack, errr… size matters. Top and bottom plates are stamped from a single sheet of 14 gauge steel. Each rack rail is a stout 11 gauge thick - that s roughly the thickness of three dimes! This rack is so Strong it is UL listed, making it ideally suited for commercial applications.

One Tool, 5 Minute Install
Phillips screwdriver... Check! Yep, that's all you need to complete the rack build. Plus we've preassembled most of the flat-packed system so you'll have the whole thing built before the other technician gets back from the truck! Check out the assembly video to see our tech build the rack in just over three minutes.

Installer Friendly
Other installer-centric features include a gangable side-by-side (and stackable) design and slots for wire management.

Smooth Operator
Included with each cabinet rack is a low-friction runner kit. Injection molded rails mount to the bottom plate, making it easier to slide the rack for access to the cabling and equipment.

Unit of measure (pair, each, pack of 10) Each
Construction (Material, Welds, Paint) Powder Coat w/ E-Coated Rails
Unit Dimensions 20.93" H x 19.06" W x 18.2" D
Max Load Weight 250 lbs
Safety Approvals UL Certified



Model # A - Racking Height B - Overall Height C- Height
(w/ EasyGlide Runners)
Usable Depth Overall Width
SR-CAB-8U 14" 17.4" 17.7" 18" 19.1"
SR-CAB-10U 17.5" 20.9" 21.2" 18" 19.1"
SR-CAB-12U 21" 24.4" 24.7" 18" 19.1"
SR-CAB-14U 24.5" 27.9" 28.2" 18" 19.1"