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Rack de acero Strong

Strong Custom Series Glass Rack Doors Height 27U (pieza)

Código: 01-SR-CUST-DOOR-27U-GLS

Strong® Custom Series Rack Door - Glass
No A/V enthusiast can resist the allure of a rack loaded with products and blinking lights – and neither can curious fingers. Satisfying this appetite for bling while keeping any system secured, this lockable door features steel construction and an elegant tinted glass panel. Plus, now side panels aren t even needed for door installations!

Smokin' Good Looks
Having a see-through door serves a practical purpose; it keeps children and unauthorized users away from the equipment, while allowing you to monitor system components, like seeing if the A/V receiver or XBOX is turned on. The rack door's tinting also reduces the intensity of LEDs making them more subdued in dimly lit applications.

Just Mount The Door
Custom Series rack doors do not need side panels for installation, so you can add doors without side panels and create a nice look for cut-in installs.

Reversible + Front And Rear Mountable
Left swing or right? You don't have to worry about figuring that out before you build the rack. Wait 'til you get the rack completed, set it in place, and then install it the way you want it. Plus, for commercial applications, this single door fits the front and back so all your gear is enclosed safe and sound.

Under Lock & Key
One of the main reasons to put a door on a rack is to keep out prying fingers. But usually those prying fingers understand how to open a door, so we supply a lock and two keys to keep your gear (and your settings) safe and sound.


Unit of measure (pair, each, pack of 10) Each
Construction (Material, Welds, Paint) Powder Coat w/ E-Coated Rails
Max Load Weight 1000 lbs
Safety Approvals UL Certified


Racking Height
Height(w/ Casters)
Width - No Side Panels
Width Incl Side Panels
Usable Depth
SR-CUSTOM-21U-20IN 36.75" 40.00" 43.25" 19.77" 21.02" 20"
SR-CUSTOM-21U-24IN 36.75" 40.00" 43.25" 19.77" 21.02" 24"
SR-CUSTOM-27U-20IN 47.25" 50.50" 53.75" 19.77" 21.02" 20"
SR-CUSTOM-27U-24IN 47.25" 50.50" 53.75" 19.77" 21.02" 24"
SR-CUSTOM-32U-20IN 56.00" 59.25" 62.50" 19.77" 21.02" 20"
SR-CUSTOM-32U-24IN 56.00" 59.25" 62.50" 19.77" 21.02" 24"
SR-CUSTOM-37U-20IN 64.75" 68.00" 71.25" 19.77" 21.02" 20"
SR-CUSTOM-37U-24IN 64.75" 68.00" 71.25" 19.77" 21.02" 24"
SR-CUSTOM-42U-20IN 73.50" 76.65" 79.90" 19.77" 21.02" 20"
SR-CUSTOM-42U-24IN 73.50" 76.65" 79.90" 19.77" 21.02" 24"
*Note - Glass and Solid Doors will add 1.6" of depth when installed