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Control Episode

Episode Control EA-MINI-RC Remote Control for Digital Mini-Amplifier Negro (pieza)

Código: 01-EA-MINI-RC

Episode® Remote Control for Digital Mini-Amplifier

Get fast, simple control of our Episode® EA-MINI-3D-35 or EA-MINI-2D-35 with this digital mini amplifier remote control. It quickly and easily programs a thorough list of discrete IR commands into any universal remote. There s no hassle and no frustration – just fast and easy control that you and your customers can appreciate. It s perfect for times when you want more than basic volume commands, but don t have access to a complete control system setup.


This remote control includes options for the following discrete IR commands. Download the list of commands on the Support Tab.

  • Power on; Power off
  • Input 1; Input 2
  • Volume +; Volume -
  • Mute
  • Bass +; Bass -; Bass Flat
  • Treble +; Treble -; Treble Flat
  • Subwoofer Volume +; Subwoofer Volume -; Subwoofer Volume Flat
  • Balance Left; ;Balance Right; Balance Center
  • Space Enhancement on; Space Enhancement off
  • Preset DSP Mode: Movie; Music; Voice