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Amplificador Autonomic

Autonomic eSeries Digital Amplifier 50W x 8 Channels (pieza)Negro

Código: 01-AU-M-401E

Autonomic Mirage eSeries Digital Amplifier | 50W x 8 Channels

The Mirage M-401e Multi-Room Digital Amplifier is a state-of-the-art, IP controllable, multi-room amplifier with some of the highest performance specifications in its class. Boasting 50 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, the M-401e has the power to drive higher end architectural or floor-standing speakers. Its IP controllability makes it the perfect choice in a controlled environment, and coax and TOSLINK digital connectors on all inputs ensure clean and pure sonic performance in every room.

Use it as a stand-alone, IP controllable distribution amplifier, or pair it with a Mirage Media Server to create a complete whole home audio solution, the Mirage Audio System. The Mirage M-401e is a 4-zone, IP controllable amplifier, expandable to 96 zones, with extensive zone linking capabilities.

Firmware Updates - To ensure your product has the latest features and enhancements, please update to the latest firmware version prior to installation. Refer to the Firmware Update Guide for directions.
Important Note - Autonomic Mirage Amplifiers (models M-801e, M-401e, and M-120e) do not short speaker negative terminals. Use of any devices that use a common ground, including but not limited to, speaker level volume controls, speaker selectors and speaker level subwoofer connections are not supported for use with the M-801e, M-401e or M-120e. Use of any of these devices will result in damage to the amplifier and will void the amplifier's warranty.


Built-in eAudioCast technology allows eSeries MMS network streams to be transmitted and received, then distributed across zones on each amplifier. Configure a complete, whole-home audio system that is entirely decentralized, residing solely on the network.

High-resolution Audio

All eSeries amplifiers support proprietary Autonomic eAudioCast™, enabling high-resolution audio (HRA), up to 24-bit/192kHz, over Ethernet. The M-401e supports either coax or TOSLINK digital audio on every source input, which allows source material to stay in the digital domain all the way to the final amplification stage, providing reference quality distribution of content all over the home.

Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Switching

The M-401e amplifier can route audio signals from any one of its 6 inputs (4x analog or 6x digital) into any one or more of its 4 amplified zone outputs under manual control or with IP or RS-232 automation control.

Zone Linking

A zone group can be created to link multiple zones. Zone linking ties the source selection together across the group. It can optionally coordinate volume and the power state of linked zones. This is useful for closely coupled audio areas where it is advantageous to separate volume levels, but the same audio source, or coordinate the same volume with separate power control.

Whole Home Amplification

Mirage amplifiers integrate seamlessly with Mirage Media Servers/Streamers to create a harmonious and modern audio system featuring all of the most popular streaming music services and digital music files. The integrated system is controllable via iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac computers. The KP-6 in-wall controller is also available to complete the installation.

Flexible Control Options

Standalone control options include the Mirage Media Controller app for iOS and Android devices, Airplay control, and the Mirage web interface. Plus, pre-programmed control modules are available to integrate major control systems. Refer to the support tab for available drivers.

Scalable to 96 Zones

Working on a large project? It’s no problem for Mirage amplifiers, which can be bridged (including control and source inputs) using any combination of M-401e and M-801e amplifiers all the way up to 96 zones.


Impedance Input
Power Output @ 4 ohm
75W per channel
Power Output @ 8 ohm
55W per channel
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
0.1% (50 Watt, 8 Ω load)
Frequency Response
48 KHz sample rate: 10Hz - 22 KHz
  96 KHz sample rate: 10Hz - 42 KHz
Ethernet Ports
(2) 100Base-T, MAIN IN and Switch EXT OUT
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17" x 4" x 15"
(6) Digital Coaxial RCA
  (4) Analog (L/R) RCA
IR Outputs
(6) 3.5mm Jack: IR1 - IR8 current limited to 25mA
Power Consumption
Line Voltage
110–240V AC 50–60Hz
USB Ports
(1) USB mini-B female 5 pin
15.4 lb
Signal to Noise Ratio
95dB (IHA-A, 0.75V input / unbalanced)
Nominal Impedance
Analog Input Sensitivity: 0.75V RMS (Vol 100, Gain 0dB, 55W Output)
  Digital Input Sensitivity: 0dBFS
Port Desc.
(4) RJ45 sockets Keypad controller ports
  (1) 4 pole 3.5 mm terminal block connector (Data,12V, IR,0V)
(4) zones, Expandable to 96 zones, attaching additional M-401e or M-401e amplifiers
  Triggers/Presets: (1) 8 pole 3.5 mm terminal block connector; (Zone trigger 0V out, Zone trigger 1 - 8 12V out, Common, Preset 1 - 2 in)
Tone Control
±12dB, 100Hz (Bass)
  ±12dB, 10kHz (Treble)