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Cable Martin 26 AWG, 30 x UTP patchcable 5m, RJ45, CAT 5e

Código: 05-30 x UTP patchcable 5m, RJ45, CAT 5e

Cables de red CAT5 5 mx 30 piezas

With its large data-transmission possibilities and RDM/ACM in, Ethernet based product development is growing at a rapid rate. Therefore Martin has the pleasure of introducing its high quality ruggedized Ethernet cables and accessories.

Quality raw materials have created a very flexible cable with a cut resistant and durable wearing jacket- designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the professional touring segment; from frequent usage and coiling to constant weathering. The materials and design keeps the cables flexible and easy to handle in cold or hot applications , with their high chemical, oil, temperature, water, fungus resistance 

Wear and tear resistant, the tough black colored polyurethane jacket ensures low friction, easy pulling and coiling and low memory, while strong Kevlar reinforcement and double shields secure tough stability and coverage of the data transmitting wires. The design is engineered to enable the cables can be used in reeling applications. All this gives you a professional, portable cable for the professional SSE segment.

CAT5E available cable with same physical structure below mentioned is available on request.

Key selling points:
Stranded conductors ensuring high flexibility, low memory, little risk of conductor breakage and easy coiling up to 100 Mtr lengths.

PU jacket:
Black colored polyurethane providing low friction, easy pulling, UV,very good chemical and oil resistance. Cut and wear resistance under tough conditions.

2 shield minimizing external influence and maximizing data protection. The extra braid shield aids mechanical strength and flexibility.

Fillers and strength members:
Pair structure holding is constant and equalizes tension in the cable making it possible to use for reeling and constant coiling applications.

Product features:
26 AWG (0,14 mm2) bare stranded copper 7 x 0,16 conductors 
Insulation: Color coded, polyethylene
Shield – inner: Aluminum Mylar, 100% coverage
Shield – outer: Tinned copper braid, 80% coverage
Min. bending radius: 8 x outside Ø diam. mm, 
Temperature: - 70 / 105 deg C
DC resistance: 15 ohms/100m at 20 deg C
Impedance: 100 +/- 15%
Capacitance: 4,6 nF \ 100 m
Capacitance unbalance: 340 pF/100m max. At 1KHz (wire to ground)
Insulation resistance: 150 M Ohm min.
Propagation delay (100 Mhz): 5,2 ns/m max at 100 Mhz
Delay skew: 20 ns/100 m max at 1-100 Mhz
Resistance unbalance: 3% max at 20 Deg C
Structural return loss (100 Mhz): 23 db/100 m min. at 1-20 Mh