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Soporte Nexus 21

Nexus 21 Heavyweight TV Lift – For Up To 65? TV (pieza) Negro

Código: 27-DL-50

With 220 lbs of weight capacity and a dual-column design, Model DL-50 is designed to handle heavy screens with ease. Featuring the reliability, ease of installation, and quiet operation that are hallmarks of the Nexus 21 product line, DL-50 is a favorite in residential and commercial applications alike.

  • Near Silent Operation
  • Extra Extension and Weight Capacity
  • Remote Control Included
  • Popular for RVs, Yachts and Outdoor Kitchen Applications


    • 220 lbs. total lift capacity
    • TV maximum screen size: 65”
    • Travels 39.25”
    • No exposed tracks, gears or scissors
    • Draws 3.5 Amps @ 110V and 1.75 Amps @ 220V at max thrust
    • Speed 1.5″ /sec. (only 25 seconds to fully raise)
    • Quiet – runs at just 45 dB
    • Screw-driven mechanism
    • Steel construction
    • Your choice of RF remote or Control System Integration Kit (CSI Kit includes IR remote and contact closure interface)
    • Exclusive Nexus 21 Safety Package included
    • “Soft Start” and “Soft Stop” for smooth ride
    • Power is Available in These Formats
      Power Options
    Height: 28.5" Min / 40.5" Max / Adjustable in 1/4" increments
    Width: 41.75”
    Depth: 4.9” from back wall to back of TV